Business Requirements


The client needed to build the requirements for a new system that would be included as part of a Request For Proposal (RFP) for an existing product. The project was sizable and it was important to accurately identify the business processes required to meet their needs. Veris was engaged throughout the project, starting in the requirements gathering phase.


We conducted extensive requirements gathering sessions and used a top-down approach to break their existing methods down into more granular processes. A detailed series of swim-lane diagrams and associated documentation were used to document these processes. These were further expanded to identify which processes would be manual processes and which would be handled by the new system.

Key Outcomes/Results

The business process and requirements were built and included in the RFP that was issued to the appropriate vendors. A vendor was selected and customized their product based on the business and technical requirements. The business process documents were used to support further areas of the project including testing and user training. This approach allowed the business to breakdown their requirements into manageable pieces so that they were not so overwhelmed with the enormity of the situation.