System Requirements


The client wished to further develop an in-house application with functionality to be built in multiple phases. Veris was engaged to act as the Project Manager for these phases. One key area of management was on the development of the system requirements based on our experience in this area.


As Project Manager, we provided direct oversight of the development of the system requirements. The detailed requirements included data migration, user interface, system usability, reports and use case scenarios, as well as a consolidated requirements listing. In addition, a log was established to ensure any clarifications related to the requirements were accurately tracked and approved. All documents were reviewed for completeness with extensive input provided on both the subject matter and general business analysis practices. The requirements were built to easily support the development of the testing plans.

Key Outcomes/Results

The system requirements were very thorough and provided a strong base for the development group. Through the process, certain requirements were raised for discussion to ensure they were clearly understood by all team members. By providing an alternate view to the requirements being defined, the system was ultimately more robust.