Strategic Planning


The client had last reviewed their strategic plan three years prior to the assignment. The business was under heavy pressure from its board to deliver on a very conflicting and broad mandate. Veris was engaged to develop a five-year strategic plan to help the business focus and guide its decisions.


Working with the client, we developed a clear set of guiding objectives. Using these objectives, a detailed process and plan was developed, which was reviewed and approved by the CEO and senior management team. Over a period of three months, interviews and workshops were conducted to drive out issues, opportunities and other content. The plan was built iteratively by section, gradually building the deliverable to its final form.

Key Outcomes/Results

The strategic plan was submitted to and approved by the company board. The rollout of the plan to the organization engaged them in the new vision and helped transform people’s understanding of relative priorities for day-to-day and long-term work initiatives.

The major outcome was a cultural change from an “Operations” oriented firm to a “Projects” oriented firm.