Project Success


The client had concluded a multi-million dollar maintenance program on a large operating power plant with significant cost and schedule overruns. Veris was engaged to provide an unbiased “cold eye” assessment of the project, conduct a root cause analysis and provide solutions that could be implemented in future projects to address potential weaknesses.


We evaluated the entire project file, from inception to conclusion. This involved reviewing all project documents, including long-term and short-term plans, various iterations of detailed project budgets and scope, the project plan, and the entire project schedule. The review also included the company’s project management methodology handbook, as well as conducting over 40 interviews with company employees involved in all aspect of the project.


Our analysis identified the key issues contributing to the cost and schedule overruns and we were able to make pragmatic recommendations for improving processes both immediately and in the long term. Our recommendations were adopted and are currently in practice or in the process of being implemented.