Project & Program Management


The client was required to adapt to a regulatory change in the way they captured and reported business costs and expenses. They asked Veris to help initiate a program to address these regulatory requirements. The business program had significant IT components, including changes to three key enterprise systems, and a new time capture and reporting system. The program was a multi-million dollar endeavor that significantly impacted the business as a whole.


The program consisted of seven individual project streams. In accordance with the importance and regulatory nature of the project, we rigorously structured it with respect to decision, change, risk and issue management, as well as testing. We enhanced our best-practice processes where possible to help ensure success. Our approach was to develop an open and transparent environment so that all the various delivery partners worked together seamlessly.

Key Outcomes/Results

Beginning with a detailed and comprehensive charter, the program was delivered on budget and ahead of schedule, fully meeting the client’s business requirements.