Operational Planning


A provincial government department had a clear mission, vision and strategy for its legislated area of accountability, but there were a number of conflicting opinions as to how the strategies should be executed. To this end, the client engaged Veris to develop a comprehensive plan to make the approved strategies operational.


Working with the entire department we held a series of workshops, working sessions, interviews and straw-model walkthroughs to gather the required data. Again working with all team members, the various operational strategies were reviewed and finalized. This involved significant coaching and support for department staff that would have to execute their mandate in a materially different way than they were used to. The plan included budget analysis, budget allocation, operational key performance indicators, and role descriptions and accountabilities.

Key Outcome/Results

A detailed operational plan that supported the strategy was completed on time and approved by the Assistant Deputy Minister and Deputy Minister. The operational plan was implemented and all required knowledge transferred to the department staff for ongoing sustainment and to ensure self-sufficiency.