Business Planning

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An entrepreneurial executive team had begun preliminary development of a $300-million infrastructure project. The project was in its infancy and needed to be fleshed out with a solid business case before it could be presented to the company’s board of directors for support and funding. The board meeting was scheduled three weeks from when Veris was engaged. The small team of executives had different views on how the project should be developed and presented to the board, which was leading to project stagnation.


We worked closely with the executive team and over the three-week period. A series of workshops and meetings helped the client to clearly define the project and its scope, as well as its capital and regulatory requirements. Sessions helped fine tune their financial models and we conducted financial risk analysis while developing a phased approach for further development and implementation with clear ramp off/exit points. Veris authored the presentation for the board, making the case and requesting further development funds.


The presentation was a success with the board approving the business plan and providing the required funding for the next stages of development.