Requirements Definition

Veris uses standardized methodologies and processes based on IIBA¹ and BABOK¹ best practices. Veris’ Senior Business Analysts identify the needs of the organization and employ the necessary processes and tools in order to meet the desired outcome. Although every project is unique the use of a standardized toolset allows for measurable and repeatable results in the identification and management of requirements.

In order to elicit requirements from the project stakeholders Veris utilizes techniques including Document Analysis, Focus Groups, Interviews, Observations, and Workshops in order to develop a concise definable scope. All requirements are analyzed and prioritized based on the impact to the organization and associated risks. Veris resources have the experience to tailor the approach taken to meet the needs of the prevailing methodology (agile, waterfall, etc.) and will provide the required outputs including Use Cases, SWOT Analysis, Vendor Assessment, Risk Analysis, and Process Modelling.

¹ IIBA® and BABOK® are Registered Trade Marks of the International Institute of Business Analysis.