Project Management

Veris uses standardized methodologies and processes based on industry best practices (including the PMI PMBOK processes and methods). In certain situations our clients ask us to help transition their own project management practices to Veris standards through review and development of internal PPM and PMO processes. Many of our project managers are PMP certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI)¹.  We also have a number of project managers who are Change Management certified by Prosci².

Use of a project management methodology does not by itself assure projects will be successful. We view successful project management as a combination of art and science. Art, in the form of project managers applying personal experience, wisdom and soft skills to effectively lead a team and assist an organization towards success. Science, by project managers using established processes, methodologies and knowledge to achieve project goals. At Veris, we bring this approach to all of our clients’ project initiatives, resulting in a long list of client references and an impressive track record for success.

¹ PMI® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

² Prosci and ADKAR are Registered Trade Marks of Prosci Inc.