Veris provides a straightforward approach to Project Execution.   Project Managers use established and proven methodologies and begin all initiatives with a focus on the outcome.  During project initiation and business case creation, our project managers will drive a clear understanding of expected outcomes including desired benefits. This critical information is integrated into solution delivery practices to support project decision-making that is always oriented towards the end goals.

At Veris we:

  • Provide Project Managers with knowledge, qualifications and applicable experience in order manage our client programs and projects.
  • Support your project with the collective knowledge of our consulting practice.
  • Utilize our Project Management Lifecycle to manage or augment your existing lifecycle and execute your project to success.
  • Apply Veris’ Value Management methodology to ensure that the project is not only being done the “right way” but the “right work is being done for the right reasons”.

Project Management Lifecycle

Veris uses its in-house developed methodologies and processes based upon PMBOK best practices or are willing and able to use clients Project Lifecycle and artifacts.  In certain situations, our clients ask us to help transition their own project management practices to the PMBOK standard.  Many of our project managers are PMP certified by the Project Management Institute, together with relevant business and technical certifications in CBAP, Prosci Change Management, ITIL and ISO.

Use of a project management methodology does not alone insure projects will be successful. We view successful project management as a combination of art and science.

  • Art: in the form of project managers applying personal experience, wisdom and soft skills to effectively lead a team and assist an organization towards success.
  • Science: in the form of a project manager’s use of established project processes, methodologies and project knowledge to achieve project goals.

At Veris, we bring the blend of art and science to all of our clients’ project initiatives, the results is a long list of client references and an impressive track record for success.