How does Veris deliver “Business Effectiveness”?  Through a pragmatic action oriented service to move any organizational unit (regardless of the number of people involved) from a current state to a desired future state.

Many organizations attempt to transform themselves, but many managers of steady state are not great at managing a transformation to a new vision.  In many cases the thought and fear of change can paralyze management and employees.

In some cases, even seasoned executives can see what they want to do, can communicate the vision, but may lack the experience to address the “how”.

Veris’ unique approach to Implementing Business Effectiveness utilizes all three key success criteria to achieve the desired results: Benefits Realization, (People) Change Management and Project Management.

In today’s dynamic workplace environment, aligning your organizations people, processes and technology with your business strategies and vision can be a difficult undertaking.  Without all components working in tandem it becomes difficult to meet the goals you have set to accomplish.  Veris’ experienced and skilled consultants will bring their diverse expertise and broad industry knowledge, along with Veris’ methodologies to ensure that your organization meets all its desired outcomes. Whether through facilitative services, business process redesign, or strategic planning Veris will work collaboratively with the business while bringing our innovative approaches to transformation to your organization. By applying strategic planning principles and change management practices, we ensure that the organization is able to absorb the change and will reach its maximum effectiveness as quickly as possible. Let us show you how we can make a difference.

At Veris we:

  • Utilize Veris’ consulting practice ensures that all consultants adhere to and have access to the highest professional standards, methodologies and toolsets
  • Ensure consultants the ability to leverage the collective expertise of the firm with every assignment in which we are engaged
  • Provide all consultants with knowledge, qualifications and applicable experience to make every project a success
  • Apply Veris’ Value Management methodology to ensure that the project is not only being done the “right way” but the “right work is being done for the right reasons”